Air Conditioner Vs Air Cooler Vs Air Purifier

As summer approaches, masses go out on a hunt to find the best appliances that can provide them comfort from scorching heat of the sun. In this regard, there are tons of appliances available, however, the most popular ones include air coolers, air conditioners and, air purifiers.

There is a lot of confusion lingering in people’s heads about the the difference between an air cooler, air purifier and AC. But don’t worry, because in this article I have written down all the details and comparisons that you need to know to decide which one suits you the best Air Conditioner VS Air Cooler VS Air Purifier.

Difference Between Air Conditioner Vs Air Cooler Vs Air Purifier

How does Air Conditioner work

An air conditioner is probably the most common item in Indian households. It is a split-system; comprising of one indoor and one outdoor unit. It basically takes the hot air from your room and transfers it outside and at the same time fills your room with cool air with the help of compressors, evaporators, and condensers.

Benefits of Air Conditioner

When talking about the benefits of air conditioners, the most obvious one that comes to mind is that they can cool down the temperature of the room and make the environment comfortable during dry and humid climates. Furthermore, new models also come with a heating feature which comes in handy during winters.

In addition to that, it does bother you by its space as it is attached to a wall which saves up a lot of area on the ground. An air conditioner can also remove large particles such as dust and pollen from the air as it is equipped with filters.

Features of Air Conditioners:

Nowadays, you can see a bunch of new features equipped in modern air conditioners. The most common ones are energy saving; which reduces the operational expenses to a great extent.

Another feature that you should take in consideration while talking about air conditioner VS air cooler is that an AC can dehumidify and heat the climate as well whereas an air cooler cannot. They also have other handy little features such as a timer, thermostat, temperature control etc.

  • Can be used in any climate
  • Prevents dehydration and heat strokes
  • Removes large airborne particles from the surroundings.
  • It is really expensive
  • Harms the environment as it releases CFCs; which damages the ozone layer.

How does Air Cooler Work

In simple words, an air cooler uses evaporative cooling in which water sucks the heat when it evaporates which creates a cold atmosphere inside the air cooler. Furthermore, the air from outside is passed through wet pads which turns it into cold air.

Benefits of Air Cooler

It can help to make the temperatures cooler and increase humidity levels during hot and dry weather which can help to prevent heat strokes and dryness.
Furthermore, it improves the ventilation in the house as it blows fresh outdoor air inside the house. It can be installed easily and it is extremely portable; it is really important factor when it comes to air conditioner VS air cooler.

Features of Air Coolers:

Modern air coolers come with really exciting features which allow you two change the speed according to your will. In addition to that, they are also equipped with automatic louvers two spread the air evenly throughout the area.
You can also put ice in them for turbo cooling which is much colder than the normal mode. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with unique designs to add to the aesthetics of your house.

  • Extremely Budget-Friendly
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Portable
  • Harmless for the environment
  • Does not work well in humid climate
  • Water has to be refilled daily
  • Does not have a proper air filtration system.

How does Air Purifier work

Air purifiers are designed to remove airborne particles and contaminants from the air by passing it through a series of filters and processes. There are two main types of air purifiers, one that uses ionization and other that uses HEPA filters to remove micro particles from the air.

Benefits Air Purifier

Air purifiers are extremely beneficial for patients who suffer respiratory diseases such as asthma and for people allergic to things like dust particles, pollen, pet hair, etc. Furthermore, it is tremendously effective in places with more than 100 AQI.
Air purifiers can also remove unpleasant odors from the room such as the smell of cigarettes etc.

Features of Air Purifiers

There are plenty of features in an air purifier such as true HEPA filters and carbon filters. Other than that most air purifiers are equipped with timers and speed control panels. Some are also embellished with LED lights, digital display etc.

  • It makes the environment of your house healthy.
  • Highly portable and can be moved easily.
  • Some air purifiers which use ionization, produce ozone that can damage your health.
  • Its filters are slightly expensive and they need to be changed after every 3 months.

Final Verdict:

Well, after considering all the details mentioned above we can conclude that there is no competition in air conditioner VS air purifier because air purifiers can be used as a supplementary product with both of them. However, when talking about air conditioner VS air cooler, there are some major factors that can affect your decision. These factors include your budget, your requirements, and the availability of space in your room, etc.

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