10 Best AC Brands in India 2022 – Enjoy It Chilled!

Gone are those days when owning an AC was a luxury. Today, it is one of the sources of comfort. All of us need it to beat the summer heat. Air conditioners have the potential to cool your room by eliminating humidity and impure air inside a room. If you’re here to find the best AC brand in India, you are at the right place to learn about the best AC brands.

Before you select a brand, keep a price range in mind, get to know the cooling capacity of an AC, go through the reviews of every brand and research about some of the best selling air conditioner brands online.

Read this article to get clear information about a list of the best AC brands in India.

Top Best AC Brands In India

#1. LG

Users have given LG a 5-star rating as it is energy efficient, powerful, not too noisy, and has one exceptional feature of keeping chemicals and mosquitoes away. LG gives a 12 year warranty period on it’s AC’s. The technicians provide door-to-door services in case of any repairs.

There are both window and split AC’s available under this brand. Best LG Window AC – LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper LWA18CPZA White). Best LG Split AC – LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. This is a 2022 model that is equipped with a HD filter and antivirus protection.


OriginSouth Korea
Price range
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling CapacityAbove 5000 watts. Comes with a monsoon
comfort technology and effectively cools
higher temperatures above 50 degrees.
Condenser typeCopper Gold Fin
Noise levels31dB
Rating5 star
Warranty10 years
ServicesCustomer gets to avail 2 free preventive
maintenance service calls within a year’s warranty period.

#2. Blue Star

Among a list of the best AC brands in India, blue star is a good company. It is not an expensive AC brand. The best recommended window AC under this brand is Blue Star 1.5 ton 5 star GBT series 5W18GBT Window AC.

This product has an efficient rotatory compressor and smart detect technology. If you like a split AC better, check out DATU 5 star inverter AC. It is among the best selling air conditioner brands online . Air coming out of the AC is extra clean because of it’s multi-filtration stages. Economic Times has recognized Blue Star as one of the best Corporate brands and it is known to be excellent for home use.

This AC brand is eco-friendly and energy efficient. Installation charges are applicable and it is carried out by Blue Star’s Authorized SSD or ESA. Blue Star has additional features such as hot and cold technology, turbo cool, comfort sleep, self-clean function etc.


Price range
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling CapacityGoes beyond 6000watts
Condenser typeAnti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser
Noise levels45 dB
Rating5 star
Warranty5 year limited warranty
ServicesCommercial and residential energy-efficient air conditioners

#3. Haier

Haier comes with a healthy self-clean feature and thus considered as one of the best AC company in India. If you see it worldwide, it has a market share of over 46% with regards to sales in 2022. One of the best Haier AC’s is -The Haier 1.5Ton 5 Star Split AC. It has excellent features like a high cooling capacity at a 60 degree temperature, self-clean technology, triple inverter, 15 meter long in-class motor etc.

Haier is seen as one of the most popular air conditioner brands in India 2022 because it has a technology that allows you to clean the evaporator in the AC. Yet another unique feature found in most of the Haier AC’s is the health button.

On selecting this, the air gets fresh and kills all the bacteria in one shot. For fast heating or cooling, you can make use of it’s turbo icon. Furthermore, it’s smart mode option has the ability to adjust the fan’s speed based on the room’s temperature.


Price range
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC, Tower, Portable
Cooling CapacityAbove 4000W
Condenser typeMitsubishi compressor and copper piping
Noise levels30 dB
Rating4 star
Warranty2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 12 years warranty on compressor.

#4. Voltas

If you’ve been searching for the best selling air conditioner brands online, Voltas is a commendable Indian company. From the sales perspective, this brand sells almost millions of AC’s every year.

Voltas Maha Adjustable Inverter AC is highly recommended under this brand as it runs on a 5-stage adjustable mode that runs on different levels based on the weather conditions and number of people in a room. It’s R32 refrigerant protects your environment and it’s potential to run on different tonnes helps in saving electricity.

Some of Voltas AC’s other rare features are an air vent, dual function temp display, glow light buttons, blow for anti fungi and mold forming, de-humidification in minutes, 4-stage filtration process etc.


Price range
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling CapacityAround 3000 W
Condenser typeCopper coil
Noise levels45 dB
Rating5 star
Warranty5 Years
ServicesFees is charged on repair or replacement for a period of 12 months

#5. Hitachi

Hitachi is one among the top 10 best AC brands in India. It’s AC’s are known to have a high RPM that gradually sets right the room temperature to your requirement. This brand is spread with over 600 centers across the nation. In addition, this brand has its name in Fortune 500.

Some of hitachi’s innovative features are isee and isense technology, wifi to choose suitable temperature levels, heat mode, fast cooling capacity, 4-way swing, auto-humid control etc.

If you are looking for a suggestion on the best Hitach AC’s, check out Hitachi RSN317HCEA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – It has a filter clean indicator, penta sensor, superfine mesh filter, eco-friendly refrigerant, and stabilizer free operations.


Price range—-
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling Capacity5,500 W
Condenser typeCopper
Noise levels40 dB
Rating5 star
Warranty5 Years(1 year manufacturers, 4 years on the compressor)
ServicesHitachi has skilled service technicians and quite a few service centers.

#6. Daikin

Wish to check a list of AC brands in India? Take a look at Daikin. It’s operations are peaceful, doesn’t make a lot of noise. One of the best models under this brand is Daikin-FTKF35TV16U.

This 1 ton Inverter Split AC has the potential to quickly cool your room and it comprises of a good quality in-built stabiliser that will make your work easier. Besides, it is highly efficient and has special features like an inverter dust filter, they come with an Econo mode, and it has anti-bacterial coating. All-in-all, Daikin is a reliable and affordable brand.


Price range—-
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling CapacityAround 5000 W
Condenser typeCopper
Noise levelsLess than 35 dB
Rating2 star
Warranty12 months on all the parts and 4 years on the compressor
ServicesComprehensive Annual Service Care – During this period,
Daikin provides free services on a few parts like the fan motor, P.C.B, and compressor.

#7. Sanyo

Choosing Sanyo is like owning one of the best air conditioner brands available in India. If you are someone keen on saving electricity, choose an AC model under this brand, as it consumes less number of units.

In case of any technical issues, you can reach out to any one from the 350+ service centers in India. Under this brand, most of the models have an excellent glacier like cooling capacity, eco-functions, and anti-dust filters.

Sanyo is Panasonic’s brand and it has launched multiple inverter AC’s in India. These AC’s come in three models – 1, 1.5, and 2 tons. It’s cooling effect stays for around 8-10 hours.


OriginJapan. This brand was later re-launched as Panasonic in India.
Price range—-
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling Capacity6200 W
Condenser type100% copper coils
Noise levels43 dB
Rating5 star
Warranty2 Years

#8. Llyod

Lloyd is a budget friendly brand and the best AC company in India. It has special 4-way blade swings to quickly cool your room. Presently, this brand is owned by Havells. All it’s AC models have a good build quality and what this brand lacks is energy efficiency. One of Llyod’s best models is the 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC White (LS18I37FI). This AC’s capacity is 1.5 tons, energy efficient, and is perfect for a small room.

Some of the special features offered by Llyod are a wireless AC control, twin rotary compressor, self-clean technology, twin rotary compressor for quiet operations, and BLDC motor to control climate. This model is certainly a lavish brand.


Price range—-
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling Capacity5500W
Condenser typeCopper
Noise levels43 dB
Rating5 star
Warranty2 Years
ServicesFor a year after purchasing Llyod AC,
you will receive 3 free services.

#9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is the best ac company in India and is doing well in the market. As per Yale’s research too, this is a reliable appliance and renowned across the country. One of it’s notable features is it’s smart cooling technology that ensures to eliminate humidity circulating inside a room.

Now a days, whirlpool has come up with PuraFresh technology that purifies dust particles from the air, it has two capacity modes to change the temperature, and even an intellicomfort mode to manage humidity.

The best AC that we recommend is Whirlpool SA118B59MC0 1.5ton 5 star inverter split AC. It is featured with a 6th sense fast-cooling technology, doesn’t need a stabilizer, and comes with an intellisense inverter technology to keep your room nice and pleasant.


OriginUnited States
Price range—-
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling Capacity3200 W
Condenser typeCopper
Noise levels47 dB
Rating3 star
WarrantyBasic – 1 year, Extended – 5 years
ServicesWhirlpool charges a minimal amount
of anything between $75–$125 for it’s services.

#10. Carrier

Carrier is recognized for it’s simple design and silent operations. This AC brand is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Almost all of it’s AC models come with an excellent air filtration technology that cleanses the minute dust from the fins of a fan and acts as a disinfectant inside the room.

Besides, it is even featured with an eco-friendly R-410 refrigerant that pushes out heat stuck inside a room.

One of the best Carrier AC’s is Esko Neo CAI18EK5R39F0 1.5 ton. This AC model can easily eliminate the humidity in your room and is the most energy efficient appliance.It has special features such as a speed compressor, dust filter, air filter, de-humidifier, and R32 refrigerant gas.


Price range—-
Type of AC Split AC, Window AC
Cooling Capacity5100 W
Condenser typeCopper
Noise levels50-60 dB
Rating5 star
Warranty10 year warranty. To utilize this warranty,
the customer has to abide by
the warranty conditions of the company.
ServicesFree maintenance services

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Best AC Brand:

Listed below are some of the essential factors to keep in mind before selecting an AC from one of the best selling air conditioner brands online.

Compatible Capacity Based On Room Size:

To make the most of the air conditioning effect, choose an AC that is compatible to the size of your room.

To install an AC in a small room, the AC’s capacity should ideally be not more than a ton. However, if the room is bigger, a 1.5 ton AC is suitable.

A small room will need an AC with a low tonnage. Whereas, a big room requires an AC with a high tonnage capacity.

Suppose you install an AC with a low tonnage capacity in a big room, you will be at a loss as the AC will consume more energy to cool the room.

Check The Efficiency:

It is always necessary to choose an AC that can conserve electricity at the same time provide you with the cooling effect you are looking for.

To make sure your AC is energy efficient, watch out for the BEE star rating or the BTU on an AC.

This number gives you a clear picture of how quickly can an air conditioner cool a room given the heat outdoors.

Therefore, choose an AC with a high BEE star rating. These kinds of AC’s consume less electricity.

Types of AC :

Decide on the type of AC you prefer. Categorically, there are two types of AC. Window or split AC.

  1. Window AC
  • Cost effective
  • You can control the cooling output
  • Fan speed is adjustable
  • Option to set timer

2. Split AC

  • Commendable cooling effect
  • Less noisy
  • Expensive
  • Saves power compared to window AC

Dehumidifying Capacity:

Ensure to check the air quality or dehumidifying capacity of the AC. In order to eliminate impure air, odour, and humidity inside a room, your AC should have effective air filters to cool your room and improve the quality of air indoors.

Cooling Effect:

Check if the AC has decent swing settings and good air flow. For an effective cooling effect is all that you are looking for. Also, see to it that you can choose the cooling levels as per your requirement.


Pick up an AC that comes with an easy method of installation. Besides, see to it that you are getting it installed from an experienced dealer.

Other Beneficial Features:

Once you are convinced with the necessary features in an AC, to be better satisfied with your choice, take a glance at some of the other beneficial features such as the goodwill of the brand, ongoing offers on the brand, warranty, swing options, cleaning potential, sleep mode functions, noise levels, auto-restart function etc.

Final Words:

Every AC brand has unique features that turns out to be a major buying factor. Once you have figured out your budget, picking one among the top 10 best AC brands in India is no more a time-consuming task. While we have mentioned of the most popular air conditioner brands in India 2022, it’s the right time to go through the factors that should be considered while freezing on the best AC company in India.

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