8 Best Exhaust Fans for Bathroom in India 2022

As we all now cleanliness is essential and important aspect of being human. A clean person should have clean home surroundings and bathroom etc. In Vedic life homes, especially the bathroom was constructed in open area with proper ventilation but where as in our modern age bathroom were made very annoying and suffocating with improper ventilation, there is a famous saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” we cannot change our modern age bathroom structure but we can improve our cleanliness standard of the bathroom by placing right exhaust fan.

So, why to worry grab the best exhaust fans which are listed below…

Top Selling Best Exhaust Fans for Bathroom

#1. Anchor by Panasonic Smart Air 200mm Ventilation Fan

Anchor by Panasonic Smart Air 200MM comes with six rust-proof blades and self-opening louvers. It has a high-quality motor with a 1900 RPM speed that delivers powerful air movement. If you need an Exhaust fan for the bathroom window, don’t look further. With its lightweight design and easy operation, it is considered ideal for bathroom, kitchen, and any other domestic use.

It consumes a mere 60 W to keep your home cooler and comfortable. The reason why it comes among the best exhaust fans for bathrooms is that it delivers powerful airflow and still doesn’t make much noise.

With its aesthetic design and black color, it easily blends with modern home decor. The pricing is also decent that fits every pocket.


  • 1900 RPM Powerful motor
  • Thermal overload protector for safety
  • Air Delivery – 765 CMH
  • 6 rust-proof blades
  • Automatic back louvers
  • Compact design and easy operation
  • Aesthetic design
  • Lightweight
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Hige efficiency airflow
  • Low noise level
  • Plastic quality is not so good
  • The wire is too short

#2. Havells Ventil Air DXC 130mm Roof Mounting Exhaust Fan (White)

When you want to keep your home cooler while maintaining the aesthetics of your home, this 130 MM roof mounting exhaust fan comes as the most ideal choice. Its slim design and high-speed motor make it a great addition to your home. It is effective at removing stale air and bad odor, giving you a fresh and healthy environment.

The sturdy engineering plastic construction coupled with the slitted guard ensures increased longevity of the exhaust fan. The blades and body are equipped with anti-static properties that mean it is highly safe. If you need a Ceiling exhaust fan for the bathroom in India, nothing can compete with this fan.


  • 1250 RPM high-speed motor
  • 130 MM sweep size
  • 150 CMH of airflow
  • Anti-Static properties/li>
  • Slitted guard for additional safety
  • Sturdy engineering plastic body and blades
  • Resistant to color change
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal vibration
  • Static protection
  • Low noise operation
  • It is a little expensive

#3. Kaff Exhaust Fan LYRA LR6 150 mm(Black)

This uniquely designed exhaust fan comes with a glass panel with an LED light that helps keep your room fresh while giving a great look to your room. Besides its modern look, it does provide excellent airflow that covers an area of 160 sq. ft.

When you need the best bathroom exhaust fan with light either for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or bedroom, it is suitable for all. It is designed to fit in a wall and glass window. You can easily remove its blades for hassle-free cleaning. The power consumption is pretty low, consuming only 25 watts.

However, the price is a little higher, but its air efficiency, aesthetic design, and solid construction give you value for your money.


  • High-speed motor
  • 150 MM sweep size
  • A black glass panel with LED light
  • 25 Watts power consumption
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Powerful air delivery
  • LED light
  • Silent and lightweight
  • Premium look
  • Made with low-grade plastic

#4. Bajaj Bahar 300mm Exhaust Fan (Metallic Grey)

Searching for a strong, powerful, and efficient exhaust fan? Grab this Bajaj Bahar 300 MM exhaust fan which delivers fantastic air delivery of 1250 CMH. It is equipped with a powerful motor that rotates at the speed of 1400 RPM and provides you with high-end performance.

The rust-proof metal body and blades ensure the longevity of the fan and also help avoid any obstructed performance. Besides this, despite giving powerful air delivery, it consumes only 55 watts of power, which is an amazing feature. This is one of the Most popular bathroom exhaust fans in India that is powerful, operates with low power consumption, and is yet available at such a low price.


  • 1400 RPM high-speed motor
  • 300 MM sweep size
  • Air delivery of 1250 CMH
  • 55 Watts of power consumption
  • 2 years warranty
  • Finished look
  • Rust-proof metal body
  • Easy mounting
  • Metallic grey color
  • Its suction power is low
  • It is a little noisy

#5. Indian Electrical 6 inch Ventilation Exhaust Fan with Reverse and Forward Air Flow Function (Grey)

This high-speed exhaust fan is designed with x-flow technology that operates with reverse and forwards airflow function and provides wider airflow. The double ball bearing supports with load-bearing capacity and also ensures durability. It has a sturdy steel bird guard with specially designed rust-proof metal blades.

It is also an energy-efficient fan, consumes a mere 40 watts of power, and still delivers excellent airflow at the speed of 2400 RPM. It sits on the list of best exhaust fans for bathrooms in India for its efficiency and affordability.


  • Powerful motor with 2400 RPM speed
  • Double ball bearing
  • Reverse and Forward Air Flow Function
  • 40 Watts power consumption
  • Inverter operable
  • Noiseless smooth operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Metallic finish
  • High speed
  • Increased Durability
  • In reverse, not that powerful

#6. Lifelong 200 mm Exhaust Fan for Home, Kitchen, and Bathroom (White)

Keep the stale air out of your place with this versatile exhaust fan that efficiently does the job anywhere including, Bathrooms, AC Cabins, and Conference Rooms. It comes with surprisingly low power consumption eats up only 22 watts. The compact design and effortless installation are other reasons you should buy this exhaust fan. It is one of the best exhaust fans for bathrooms in India 2022.

It operates smoothly and noiselessly while ventilating your room swiftly. Despite giving such high-end performance, it is pretty low in cost. The aesthetics of this exhaust fan is similar to any premium quality fan.


  • Powerful motor with high RPM 1250
  • Energy-efficient – consumes 22 Watts
  • 200 MM sweep size
  • Plastic body and blades
  • 1-year warranty

  • Easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Noiseless operation
  • Versatile use
  • It lacks sturdiness


Looking for a cost-effective exhaust fan? This HM Pure Copper Euro will meet your expectations. It has a high-speed motor combined with power-saving features available at a low price. It comes with a screwless fitting that makes the installation effortless.

Its copper winding motor runs smoothly and noiselessly at the speed of 2200 RPM that is pretty high in speed. It has three aerodynamically designed blades that make it lightweight. These blades distribute air uniformly. If you are searching to Buy High-Speed Bathroom Exhaust Fans online, this is a great choice.


  • 100% copper winding motor
  • High speed 2200 RPM
  • Three aerodynamically designed blades
  • Screwless fitting
  • Power-efficient – consumes 20 Watts
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Noiseless operation
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Decent price tag
  • Construction is not so solid

#8. A & Y High-Speed PVC Glass Exhaust Fan for Bathroom

In a house, the bathroom is an area where you need something to remove moisture and eliminate odor, and this exhaust fan does the job efficiently and swiftly. It has a pure copper winding motor that delivers high-speed performance. It also ensures the longevity of the fan.

The 150 MM sweep size and PVC glossy finish body make this exhaust fan ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and office. It is suitable since it makes negligible sound while operating.


  • 100% Pure Copper Winding Motor/li>
  • High Speed 1400 RPM
  • Heavy Duty PVC Glossy Finish Body
  • 150 MM Sweep Size
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Noiseless operation
  • Durable construction
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • The wire is a bit short
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