Best Portable and Rechargeable Fans in India 2021 Reviews

Are you uneasy about how to face hot and scorching summer especially when there is unplanned long power cut? Then, you only need the Best Rechargeable table fan with built in battery. It will instantly cool down your room even when there is no power available.
When you travel, then also it works as a good alternative to serve the cooling purpose. Their portable and easy to carry design and excellent functionality make them an exceptional option for everyone.

Best Portable and Rechargeable Fans

#1. Rico Rechargeable table fan with built in battery

This rechargeable table fan tops the list of best portable rechargeable fans in India – made with Japanese technology, provides 4 hours battery backup so your precious sleep never get interrupted.

  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Charging indicator
  • Multi-angle tilting
  • It is a bit expensive

#2. Piesome Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Light

Piesome is the most innovative fan, combines the unique feature of LED light and solar power charging. With vertical height adjustment and wall mount capability, this fan delivers superior airflow.

  • Vertical height adjustment
  • Wall mount capability
  • No swing option

#3. Geek Aire, 6 Inch Rechargeable Oscillating Table Fan

This new generation rechargeable and portable fan boasts of its utmost durability and whole credit goes to its premium quality construction, 5200 mAh Li-ion Battery, and brushless DC motor.

  • Powerful battery
  • 180 degree rotation
  • LED indicator
  • Easy to turn knob
  • It is a little pricey

#4. Geek Aire, 10 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan

This is a next generation table fan, extremely lightweight, portable, runs at 360 degree angle to cover wide area with only 18 watts of power consumption. The best thing is that the run time can last up to 24hrs which is greater than any other fan.

  • Contemporary design
  • High airflow
  • Superb speed control
  • Highly expensive

#5. RIYA Portable Hanging Neck Fan Including 2 pcs USB Rechargeable Battery and Charger

Riya Portable Neckband Fan is unique in its style and design, known as the best rechargeable battery operated fans for camping.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to wrap around the neck
  • 360 degree flexible rotation
  • None

#6. Akari Ak-8083 16″ Rechargeable Ac/Dc Table Fan

Being extremely lightweight, weighs just 1.9kg, it is easy to carry anywhere you want. It is packed with bright LED Light, multi-angle tilting and runs for uninterruptedly for 10 hrs which make this fan one of the best rechargeable table fans online shopping in India.

  • Multi-angle tilting
  • Handle for convenient use
  • 12 hrs charging time
  • Speed is not much satisfying

#7. Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating AC-DC Rechargeable Plastic Table Fan

If you’re looking for a reliable and heavy-duty rechargeable table fan with high power back up then Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating fan is a brilliant option for you.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Excellent air flow
  • 4 hrs battery back up
  • USB port for charging digital devices
  • It is not solar power enabled

#8. Geek Aire, 5 Inch Rechargeable Handheld Fan

This is an extremely lightweight next generation fan, comes with sleek and portable design, exceptional battery backup, superb airflow, and superior build quality. Due to its portable design, it is one of the best rechargeable battery operated fans for camping.

  • LED indicator
  • Portable structure
  • Charging dock for easy charging
  • Power bank facility
  • It is a little noisy

#9. Impex Breeze-D4 Solar Rechargeable Fan with USB Charging Port

Impex Breeze-D4 is a decent choice for those who are looking for a multi-function fan that can cool down and light up the room at the same time with least power consumption.

  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Optimum airflow
  • None

#10. Jiyana Powerful Portable Rechargeable

Jiyana powerful portable fan is one out of Top 10 Best Portable Rechargeable Fans in India 2021 – built with superior quality material and equipped with latest features. The most enticing feature is its Multi-Funtion TableDesk Fan For Home, Kitchen, Office and Multicolour (ASSORTED) ,6 INCH Foldable LED light Fan high-tech look and exceptional lighting option that capture the attention of most buyers.

  • Elegant design
  • Strong to weak lighting option
  • Enough battery backup
  • It is not good for home with kids, needs adult supervision


  1. How many hours does rechargeable fan last?

On an average, a rechargeable fan can last from 2 to 8 hours depending on speed you choose.

2. Can I use rechargeable fan while charging?

Generally, it is not recommended, if you put the load on the battery while charging, it may explode. But if the fan has an inbuilt charger or you are using the supplied charger, it will not have any problem.

3. Where can I buy a battery operated fan?

The best online sources are Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopclues.

Final Word:

If you’re seriously looking out for a rechargeable fan then with this detailed review of the Best portable rechargeable fans are available in market; you will surely find the best-suited fan which will meet your preferences and budget.

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