10 Best Table Fans in India Reviews & Buying Guide

Does the heat of summer making you feel uncomfortable while sitting in your outdoors like patio or courtyard? Table fan comes as one of the best solutions to get fresh and cool air. With its even distribution of air at 180 degree angle, it circulates air to a wider area and most importantly they are compact and portable and available at relatively affordable prices.

You may have several means at your disposal for cooling down your surroundings but when it comes to outdoors, table fan is undoubtedly the most flexible option that allows you to place it anywhere without needing any special setup or installation.

If you’re on the hunt for the best table fans in India 2022, this article is just meant for you, presents the top 10 best table fans equipped with new features and tough performance.

Best Table Fans in India

#1. Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan


  • Aerodynamically designed blades for more air flow efficiency
  • 100% Copper Motor designed for robust performance, consumes only 55 watts
  • Easy tilting mechanism to turn the head in required direction
  • Equipped with a resettable fuse to protect from thermal overload

Usha has been one of the best table fan brands available in India since decades. The supremacy of this table fan is that it delivers amazing air flow and yet consumes very less power, giving you the best value for your money.


Sweep:400 MM
Speed:1280 RPM
Power:55 watts
Air delivery:67 CMM
Warranty:2 years
  • Superfast speed
  • Energy efficient
  • Seamless oscillation
  • Thermal overload protection
  • The plastic material is not much sturdy

#2. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan


  • Jerk-free oscillation ensures smooth performance and doesn’t let the fan move from its place
  • Transparent blades allow easy cleaning
  • Engine overheating protection ensures long life of the unit
  • Unique oil reservoir lubrication adds life to the components
  • The head tilting mechanism allows for setting of the air flow in desired direction

Our next pick is again from the renowned Usha brand, having solid construction, better and faster airflow. This is the fan that will keep cooling your home for many years.


Sweep:400 MM
Speed:1280 RPM
Power:55 watts
Air delivery:67 CMM
Warranty:2 years
  • 4 speed settings
  • Oil reservoir lubrication
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Optimum airflow even at low voltage
  • It can be a little noisy at full speed

#3. Havells Velocity Neo HS 400mm Table Fan (White)


  • Aerodynamically designed blades deliver ultimate cooling
  • Steel body with a powerful motor ensures optimum performance and longevity of the fan
  • Jerk-free oscillation ensures smooth operation with less noise
  • Easy to use button control makes it more user-friendly

This stylish fan comes with steel body which ensures long-lasting performance and its lightweight design makes it highly portable. This is certainly a great deal at this price.


Sweep:400 MM
Power:110 watts
Warranty:2 years
  • Decent air flow
  • Innovative design and finish
  • Powerful motor
  • Speed of this fan can be questioned
  • Power consumption is also high

#4. Enamic UK Happy Home IS Laurels 12 Inch Black table Fan


  • 3 speed control mode and new high speed low voltage (HSLV) Technology
  • Heavy close mesh guard and large base for better safety and stability
  • High Speed RPM motor with 100% copper winding ensures brilliant performance
  • Aerodynamically designed blades deliver outclass air flow
  • It is 100% Indian

If you’re looking for outclass features in budget-friendly price, this one of the cheap and best table fans in India 2022 will never disappoint you.


Sweep:305 mm
Number of speed settings:3
  • Easy speed customization
  • Good air quality
  • Attractive design
  • Long wire
  • The head of the fan doesn’t rotate automatically

#5. Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch Table Fan


  • Plastic body and wider base for safety and stability
  • 180-degree spin for balanced air circulation
  • High-speed air distribution at low power consumption
  • Design and color easily blend with modern home décor

This fan is equipped with sturdy construction and jerk-free oscillation, grab this Crompton high speed table fan online at best prices in India.


Sweep:400 MM
Speed:1300 RPM
Power:50 watts
Air delivery:60 CMM
Warranty:2 years
  • Portable design
  • Noise-free operation
  • Affordable price
  • It wobbles at high speed

#6. Luminous SpeedPRO 400MM Table Fan (Red)


  • Strong motor ensures stronger air throw
  • Prevents motor damage with thermal overload protection
  • Sturdy construction and easy maintenance
  • Aerodynamic PP blades with 400 MM sweep size deliver wider air circulation

With super powerful motor and premium build quality, this table fan outshines other fans from this category when it comes to performance and look.


Sweep:400 MM
Warranty:2 years
  • Super powerful motor
  • Stronger air throw
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Impressive color options
  • Great design and a premium finish
  • It is little noisy.

#7. V Guard Personal Fan-Selfee 225mm Yellow Black


  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easily mountable on wall and table
  • Unique biaxial position adjustment (one in 360⁰ and other in 180⁰)
  • Operates at full speed only to offer consistent high speed air circulation
  • Comes with sweep size of 225mm, suitable for an average-sized room

This is another most affordable table fan in this List of best table fan for home, office & kitchen in India, comes with amazing design and commendable performance. The specialty of this fan is that it operates at full speed only.


Sweep:225 MM
Speed:2600 RPM
Power:45 watts
Air delivery:40 CMM
  • High speed
  • Leaf like blades
  • Low power consumption
  • Easily withstands voltage fluctuations
  • It doesn’t have auto-swing feature

#8. Rico Rechargeable Table Fan with built in Battery


  • Premium quality Rechargeable Table Fan with Japanese Quick charge technology
  • Multi angle tilting allows to direct airflow in desired direction
  • Excellent battery capacity, runs for 4 hours on low speed and 2 hours on high speed
  • Comes with built-in power cord and plug to give the power supply
  • Maintenance free battery with Deep discharge & Overcharge protection to save electricity
  • Runs both on Electricity and Without Electricity

If you’re very demanding particularly about your comfort, then this Rico Rechargeable table fan will please you with its power back up, so you can have excellent air throw even when the power goes off.


Speed:1350 RPM
Warranty:1 year
  • Glossy finish
  • Multi-angle tilting
  • Charging indication
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Two-speed settings
  • Build-quality is not much impressive

#9. Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan (White/Blue Tint)


  • Advanced concentric winding technology ensures silent operation and high air thrust
  • Robust motor that works at Low power consumption and assures high durability
  • Five leaf blades arrangement offers extra high air thrust
  • 4-speed settings allows ultimate speed customization
  • Thermal overload protection ensures long life of the fan

With a unique CTX technology and five leaf SAN blade, this table fan from Orient Electric provides ultimate cooling experience without decreasing the weight of your pocket.


Sweep:400 MM
Speed:1300 RPM
Power:85 watts
Air delivery:95 CMM
Warranty:2 years
  • Silent operation
  • Variable speed control
  • 95-degree oscillation
  • Elegant design with white/blue tint color
  • It creates too much noise at high speed
  • Comes with limited color choices

#10. Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan


  • Compact design with powder-coated guards
  • 100% copper motor ensures high durability
  • High speed motor with aerodynamic blades delivers wider and stronger air throw
  • High efficiency reduces the air cutting sound

You can’t overlook this fan which is from one of the best table fan brands available in India, having impressive speed, low power consumption, extremely silent operation and most importantly thermal overload protection that guard the fan against heating and overload.


Sweep:400 MM
Speed:1320 RPM
Power:50 watts
Warranty:1 year
  • Energy-efficient
  • High speed rotation
  • Elegant look
  • Superior build quality
  • The air speed seems to be less than expected

Buying Guide – What Factors to Consider While Buying Table Fans in India

What are advantages of table fan:

The question why one can have the requirement of a table fan? This question can be well answered by the benefits we get from a table fan.

  • The first and one of the best advantages of having a table fan is that unlike ceiling fans, it is highly portable, can be placed anywhere you want. With flexible movement and multi-angle tilting, this fan circulates air all around in the room.
  • When it comes to cooling down your space, table fan comes as the most budget-friendly option, comes with reasonable price tag and consumes very less energy.
  • Another benefit of using a table fan is that it doesn’t require any setup or installation; you can simply use it by plugging into the port.
  • Due to its portability feature, you can easily place it in the kitchen to throw smoke and gas out of the kitchen. This works as the best alternative for an exhaust fan.
  • It provides you more personal cooling experience if you place it close to you.
  • If you are an air conditioner user, having a table fan can help you increase the efficiency of the AC which further helps to cut over the usage of AC that means reduced usage and reduced electricity bills.
  • Nowadays, table fan comes with very stylish design and look and multiple color choices that helps you choose the one that easily blend with your room décor.

How to Choose the Best Table Fan

Here are certain important factors that need to be considered while purchasing a table fan:

  • Fan Speed

The speed of the fan is the most important factor as the whole performance depends on it. Apart from choosing a high-speed fan, you must consider what speed settings it has, make sure you choose a table fan that comes with variable speed settings (low, medium, high) so that you can customize according to your need.

  • Air Delivery

This factor tells you how much volume of air the fan will circulate per minute. The higher the air delivery rating, the greater the amount of air will be circulated by the fan. Generally, it is measured in CMM, some manufacturers also calculate the air delivery in CFM i.e. cubic feet per minute. You should choose the table fan with high air delivery rating.

  • Power Consumption

Power consumption indicates how much power the fan will consume while operating. The efficiency of the table fan can be measured with its power consumption. Choose a fan that comes with low power consumption, it will help reduce your electricity bills. Generally, table fans consume power 40 to 100 watts.

  • Material Quality

The quality of material used in product is of high importance, affects durability as well as performance. So, choose a fan that is built with high quality material such as steel, plastic, and brass. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a lightweight fan, choose a fan made using plastic but if you are more concerned about durability and tough performance, get the fan built using metals such as stainless steel or brass.

  • Tilt Action – Oscillating, Rotating Grill or Fixed

If you want a fan that can circulate air in all direction, choose a fan with oscillating grill. It circulates air to a wider area. You should also consider whether the fan has automatic swing option or it has option to select it manually. The fan with manual swing option requires a lot of effort to operate, therefore choose a fan with automated swing settings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Table Fan vs. Pedestal Fan
The pedestal fans come with a longer and detachable stand while the table fans have a shorter and non-detachable stand; hence a table fan requires a table to place on it.
Does table fan consume more electricity?
No, table fans are designed to consume less energy than a ceiling fan and an air conditioner. Where an air conditioner consumes 900 watts of energy, the table fan only consumes 50 to 100 watts of power.
What should the ideal height of your table fan be?
The table fan should be placed at the height of your eye level according to your sitting position.
What are the best places to place table fans?
The best place to place a table fan is nearby a window or the door so that the fan can use natural air as well as can throw out the hot and stale air out of the room.

Final Word:

Along with energy-efficiency and more customized cooling experience, the table fans have a lot more to offer you. This list of best table fans in India 2022 has been prepared by our experts after evaluating several parameters such as build quality, air delivery, easy maintenance, design, and most important safety. We hope you will find the table fan out from our top picks which will perfectly fit your criteria.

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