Exhaust Fan VS Kitchen Chimney

Working in a kitchen can be a hectic task, especially if the atmosphere is uncomfortable. It is caused by the smoke, oil fumes, and moisture that is released into the air while cooking. Furthermore, the oil fumes can form a layer of grease on your kitchen tiles and walls which is hard to clean.

To serve this problem there are currently two solutions available in the market i.e. exhaust fans and kitchen chimneys. However, a majority of people are confused as to which of these is more suitable for them. But don’t you worry, because after reading this article you can easily decide which one of those is best for you.

Difference Between Exhaust Fan and Chimney

How does exhaust fan works:

An exhaust fan is a compact version of a ceiling fan. It is attached to a wall opening facing outwards. When its blades rotate the vapors and fumes inside the kitchen are released outside and in turn, the cooler air starts to fill the room; making the atmosphere pleasant.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans:

  • Exhaust fans are really beneficial because they can improve the ventilation in your kitchen while being extremely affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Moreover, they are really easy to install and do not require a large amount of space. Exhaust fans only require occasional maintenance and are easy to clean due to their compact design which also makes them portable.
  • In addition to that, it is extremely easy to use as you can turn it on or off with just the press of one button.


  • Despite all its benefits, an exhaust fan also comes with some drawbacks. It is less efficient in taking out oil particles from the kitchen which can result in greasy kitchen shelves.
  • Furthermore, it is comparatively much louder than a kitchen chimney.
  • Though an exhaust fan requires occasional maintenance but cleaning it is quite a challenge as it is installed at an elevated point.
  • An exhaust fan can only be installed in your kitchen if there is an opening in its wall that leads outside.

How does Kitchen Chimney Works:

A kitchen chimney is a device comprised of a suction motor and filters and removes all the fumes and odor from the kitchen through a vent. It is usually installed 2-2.5 meters above the stove.

Features of Kitchen Chimney:

Some of the typical features in a kitchen chimney include suction power which can vary according to the needs of your kitchen. There are also different types of filters available in kitchen chimneys which differentiate based on which fumes do they filter out of the smoke. Lastly, kitchen chimneys come in different sizes which depends on the number of burners on your stove.

Benefits of kitchen Chimney:

  • It is relatively more effective than an exhaust fan at sucking oil fumes and greasy particles due to its placement right above the stove.
  • A kitchen chimney has a modern look that adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen.
  • It is more efficient than an exhaust fan at keeping the environment in your kitchen cool and dry during summers.
  • It is easily accessible which helps to clean it easily.


  • Along with all its benefits, it also comes with a hefty price tag which is unaffordable for some people.
  • It requires more frequent maintenance as it is operating on a larger scale. You also have to clean and replace its filters more often which is tiring and costly.
  • A kitchen chimney is pretty sizeable and it is more difficult to install.

Final Word

Now the decision of whether to purchase an exhaust fan or a kitchen chimney largely depends on certain factors which include your budget, the size of the kitchen, and the volume of fumes produced.
For Example, if your kitchen is small and you don’t cook frequently then an exhaust fan works best for you whereas if your kitchen is large and you can easily afford it then you should go for a kitchen chimney.

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