Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan vs Table Fan 2021

With these miscellaneous types of fans – come with distinct design and features can make you confused when it comes to choose between them. You may get muddled at questions – which one is most suitable for you or which one is most powerful in terms of speed and air thrust.

This article will answer most of your queries related to these three types of fans – tower fan, pedestal fan, and table fan, giving you quick understanding about them including their differences, negatives and positives.

Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan vs Table Fan

#1. Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan

Differences Between Tower Fans and Pedestal Fans:

Pertaining to their outward appearance, it would be difficult to conclude to any difference but when we evaluate their features closely, there are a series of differences comes up, let us define them one by one.

  • Space

From space point of view, both tower fan and pedestal fan take up less space. But because tower fans are slim from top to bottom while pedestal fans have broad base to support them and bigger size blade to offer wider airflow, the tower fans are more space efficient, hardly take up any space on the floor.
So if, you are short on space, buy a tower fan which easily gets accommodated in small and tight spaces.

  • Function

The basic function of both – the tower fan and the pedestal fan is the very same i.e. circulating air around the space. But which one is more suitable for you, depends on what you are looking out from them. If you are after better and stronger air circulation, the pedestal fan is more appropriate.

But if you want your fan to purify the air of your room, a tower fan is more desirable option, comes with some special and advanced feature such as ionizers which help remove impurities from air and deliver clean and fresh air.

  • Look & Style

In terms of look and design, the tower fan certainly looks more attractive and stylish, their tall and slim design easily blend in with most of modern home decor and add prominence to your existing home décor. In the context of appearance, the pedestal fans are a bit unpleasing.
If aesthetics of the fan keep more value for you, then go for a tower fan only.

  • Power

This is the key difference between a pedestal fan and a tower fan. Due to the high CFM rating and bigger size blades, the pedestal fans are more powerful than a tower fan. Where the pedestal fans come with around 1800 CFM rating, the tower fans have only around 800 CFM rating which is a huge difference.

Besides, the construction of a pedestal fan is also much durable and they work more efficiently than a tower fan. If you need a fan that can cover larger space with better airflow, pedestal fan is more appropriate option for you.

  • Sound

You may assume that pedestal fans could be noisier as they are more powerful but this is not the case here. Despite being more powerful and bigger in size, the pedestal fans are less noisy than tower fans. The reason behind this high noise mechanism is the number of functions performed by a tower fan.

A tower fan has to perform a number of functions apart from moving air and this increased number of functions also adds to the noise level of the fan.

  • Cleaning

In comparison to a pedestal fan, the tower fans are easier to clean. The design and construction of a tower fan is such that you can easily clean the blades of the fan using a dry cleaner brush. You also don’t need to disassemble the fan, using compressed air you can clean the entire fan in no time.

On the other hand, cleaning a pedestal fan requires more time and efforts. You have to disassemble the fan parts to clean them properly. The most convenient method is to dip the fan parts into soap water and clean them using a piece of cloth.

This is again very time-consuming. Therefore you should choose a pedestal fan only then if you have enough time to clean them.

Features Tower FanPedestal Fan
AestheticsMore attractive and sleek designBasic design and unpleasing look
SpaceSpace-efficientRequires more space
PowerLess powerfulMore powerful
Airflow controlNo control over height and directionSuperior control over height and air direction
NoiseThey are noisierComes with noise dampening feature
PriceSimilar in price rangeAvailable in as low as $20 and as high as $300+

#2. Tower Fan vs Table Fan

Differences Between Tower Fan and Table Fan:

  • Power and Air Flow

When it comes to power and airflow, the table fans are much inferior to tower fans, having less power that directly affects the airflow. On contrary to this, tower fans are more powerful than table fans, therefore have superior airflow that can cover an entire medium size room while table fan can cover a very limited area.

  • Size

In terms of size, there is big difference; the tower fans are tall and sleek while table fans are small in height but having broad base that require little more space for mounting. If you have a small table that can’t accommodate a table fan then tower fan is a more desirable option for you as it will require less space as well as it is more efficient in airflow and cooling. You can place it anywhere on the floor without needing a table.

  • Oscillations

Both – tower fan and table fan come with different oscillation mechanism. However, the modern table fans come with 360-degree oscillation that provides better air circulation but still, a tower fan is more efficient in terms of airflow and air circulation due to its full length of the vent that covers a large area and provides stronger air throw.

  • Control

The tower fans come with a higher degree of control – gives you option to control speed, direction, and also lets you set the timer if you have a high-end model of tower fan that come with remote control.

On the other hand, the table fan does not give you this much freedom, hardly gives you the option of speed control. Therefore, if you are looking for a fan that can offer you great control over it then only choose a tower fan.

  • Safety

When it comes to safety, the weightage comes in the favor of a tower fan. The tower fan comes with bladeless assembly as well as perfect casing that don’t leave any space for the child to slide their finger into it which makes these fans ideal for homes with kids. In case of a table fan, the safety can be questioned.

  • Filtration & Heating

The table fan comes with only one function – circulating air while a tower fan can perform a couple of other functions such as purifying air and heating up the space with warm air. Thus, a tower fan is more superior to a table fan as a table fan doesn’t have such features.

  • Pricing

There is a huge variation in price – the table fans are a lot cheaper than tower fans. But if you go for a cheaper one, you will have to compromise on quality and features. So take the decision and make a choice, keeping price and features both in mind.

FeaturesTower FanTable Fan
AirflowSuperior airflow Limited airflow
SpaceSpace-efficientRequires more space
ControlProvides higher level of controlComes with only speed control
SafetyBladeless assembly makes it highly-safeSafety can be questioned
Personal useIt is not ideal for individual useIdeal for personal use
PriceIt is a bit expensiveHighly affordable

Final Words:

Which is the better option for you? It is all up to you. If you are after a cheap but powerful fan then it is better to invest in a pedestal fan. But if the design, safety, and features are more important to you then choose a tower fan.

Table fan can be a decent option for those who are not ready to compromise on price and want a very low-priced fan. We hope this quick guide will help you decide which one is the right option for you.

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